Market Rate: (2018-01-21 08:15:00):
1 XBT = 10091.35 EUR = 47037.92 RON
1 BCH = 1542.4 EUR = 7189.45 RON
1 LTC = 165.02 EUR = 769.19 RON

Buy Bitcoin Cash via SEPA bank transfer in EU

Best rates to buy Bitcoin Cash in Europe when paying via SEPA transfer!

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Current Informative Market Rate (2018-01-21 08:15:00): 1 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) = 1542.4 EUR
Current Informative Market Rate (2018-01-21 08:15:00): 1 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) = 7189.45 RON
Important! These rates are only for indication. The final rate will be settled at the time of Order Processing.

Disclaimer: On business days, most of the time, we try to process the orders directly after your payment is confirmed. We apply the market rate which is available at order processing. However, due to heavy load, sometimes we experience delays, but we do our best to process most orders within 1 business day from receipt of payment. Please also keep in mind that our services are dependent on many other factors that are out our control (for example: cryptocurrency network delays, banking system delays, technical errors on various 3rd party services, etc).
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